From $12 Per Hour To $1.5 Million Real Estate Investor

Rich Dad Poor Dad has impacted thousands of people with me included. When my buddy Travis read the book he was impacted in a much deeper way.

After reading the book he was determined to become a real estate investor. Even though he had ZERO money, ZERO experience, and ZERO mentorship, he didn’t let that stopped him and didn’t quit until he acquired his first rental property.

Since then he has acquired several more properties and with each one becomes more confident in the process. His latest property should net him over $200k in profits.

Learn more about Travis’ story and enjoy this behind the scenes look at some of his best real estate investments.

Travis: There are always deals, whether the market is up or down – you can still find good deals. You will run out of cash doing real estate but you can start partnering and working with other people.

You goal is a quick turn around to cash flow – whether you are rehabbing and selling or doing repairs and renting. I try to complete remodels within 30 days.

Once you start a remodel, you can run into issues you were not expecting. This can make staying on budget difficult, so it is always best to allow your self a margin to cover these surprises.

Owning assets is definitely a major component in building wealth. With real estate I am able to rent some properties for ongoing monthly income and also rehab and sell houses to create cash flow for my company.

When you are investing in real estate one of the hardest things can be actually finding properties that will allow you to make a profit. When I first started I was approved for a small mortgage, but I have grown that amount through the years. The biggest thing with real estate is to not give in too soon. You have to stick with it to find the right properties, find the cash flow to make it happen, and then keep building on that.

It takes time to build up a real estate investment business. You have to be prepared for the ups and downs.

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