Triplex for $105,000 | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

This isn’t the best deal we’ve ever done. But long term, it should be good. We had an issue with financing and in order to keep the deal from falling through, we accepted $105,000 at 12%. This makes the margins extraordinarily thin. To make matters worse, the taxes may increase over the next few months. Real estate investing is tough, and building a portfolio of home run deals is impossible.

I was pretty apprehensive about recording this video, because it meant I had to stare these unfavorable numbers in the face. But, I wanted to be transparent to the fact that not all of the deals we do are home runs. I’ve made several mistakes, and will make many more. BUT, if you’re interested in real estate investing, it is always important to keep analyze things from a long term, 30-40 year perspective.

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About Ryan Ingram:
I believe the meaning of life is to become the best version of yourself for the benefit of all those around you.
Over the past 3 years, I have made drastic improvements to my life. Mainly, because my wife and I had our son; it was very important for us that she be a stay at home mom.
Unfortunately, on my salary in law enforcement, I couldn’t make that happen.
I questioned my abilities as a provider, and for a brief time, even as a man.
I dedicated myself to read one book per day until I learned how to solve this problem.
3 years later, we have a few businesses and over 60 rental properties.
We made sacrifices along the way, but I learned the power of mentorship. I know the importance of finding someone willing to help and guide you, even if they are just a few steps ahead.

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