Purchased Two Homes for $65,000 | Real Estate Investing 101

Investment Strategies
We just purchased two properties for $65,000 that brings in $1,250 of rental income per month. Here is a video explaining the numbers of the deal!

In these videos, I give you insight on my brother and I’s real estate investing strategies. We understand the difficulties of getting started in real estate investing, so we want to do our fair share of providing some real estate investing 101.
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About Ryan Ingram:
I believe the meaning of life is to become the best version of yourself for the benefit of all those around you.
Over the past 3 years, I have made drastic improvements to my life. Mainly, because my wife and I had our son; it was very important for us that she be a stay at home mom.
Unfortunately, on my salary in law enforcement, I couldn’t make that happen.
I questioned my abilities as a provider, and for a brief time, even as a man.
I dedicated myself to read one book per day until I learned how to solve this problem.
3 years later, we have a few businesses and over 60 rental properties.
We made sacrifices along the way, but I learned the power of mentorship. I know the importance of finding someone willing to help and guide you, even if they are just a few steps ahead.

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