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Are You Ready to Earn Your Designation of Being Luxury Lifestyle Certified?

I’m Ricky Kallabat, CEO of Miami Living Homes, Founder of Live a Legacy, and Creator of the successful, Earn Into the Luxury Real Estate Market course, and Designated Luxury Living Certified qualification. Since 2003, I have trained and hired thousands of hopeful real estate applicants who desire the knowledge and the trust to work with clients in this exclusive market. My Luxury Lifestyle Certification is designed to teach dedicated students the skills and motivation to achieve professional and personal success with my unmatched market experience and expertise.

Create Your Real Estate Legacy Today = Join me by making the right investment for your future and build your professional legacy today.

Becoming a World-Class Agent with My “Earn Into the Luxury Real Estate Market Course”

The Earn Into the Luxury Real Estate Market Course presents the industry’s leading content, tools, resources, and the best-kept secrets to excelling in a competitive property market. Students will complete the course and receive the designation of Luxury Lifestyle Certified.
The premium real estate market is a lucrative one. It represents an exclusive clientele and relies on a unique approach to managing luxury listings, increasing your client list, and dominating the sector. Without the confidence and the abilities to create powerful impressions and influences, and without specialization, earning your high-end real estate title becomes a costly challenge.
By strengthening your knowledge in the luxury property market with me, I can help you achieve your goals and dreams by earning your way into the luxury property arena.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?
My designated Luxury Real Estate program is about making the right investment, which means investing in yourself!
Our course teaches you how to invest your time, where to invest your finances, and the steps to creating a reputable, influential brand.
The exclusivity of the high-end property market calls for a world-class real estate agent who knows how to interact with clients, address their concerns, and communicate in a manner that showcases your confidence and expertise. My team and I have achieved over $2 billion in luxury real estate sales since 2003, utilizing the same techniques and approaches I reveal in my designated certification. I want to share with you how you, too, can achieve success and establish your brand as a top-rated agent!

Did You Know?
There are currently 1.5 million agents in the USA, of which only 20% of new agents will still be in business after the first year. For those who make it into their second year, there is a need for an additional job as their business becomes a part-time venture.

But YOU are NOT average, and YOU are looking to build your REAL ESTATE LEGACY.
You simply have to look at your investment to understand the value your designated luxury real estate certification can bring to the fore.
The Luxury Lifestyle Certification is about creating an incredible return on investment, and that investment is you.

What the Earn Into the Luxury Real Estate Market Entails
The Designated Luxury Lifestyle Certification is a digital course that consists of 10 Chapters and 41 Modules.

Each Module is designed to take you through the process of earning your way into the luxury lifestyle market.

We answer the questions:
• Why the luxury real estate market? How do I find affluent clients?
• Where to invest your time & money? How to market my brand to attract luxury sellers?
• How do I get the greatest return on my investment?
Along with an exploration of these pertinent questions, the certification will include:
• Over 600 minutes of content
• Over 10 hours of training.

It is a comprehensive course that focuses on developing a strong brand and a reliable presence, your high-end clients can depend on.

From professional-client interactions to expanding your client listings and gaining exclusivity in your area, my Designated Certified Luxury Lifestyle can help you unlock your immense professional potential.
Gain Mastery Over the Questions as a Luxury Real Estate Specialist
Learn the art of communicating with high-end clients from online services to the pace of individual interactions.
Learn of their comforts, whether your clients are receptive to your approach, and the importance of research in establishing new client relationships.
The Earn Into the Luxury Real Estate Market course is about investing in yourself, creating a brand, and delivering on the high expectations of your clients. With my tools and strategies, you can become a Luxury Lifestyle Certified agent and earn your way into the premium real estate market.
Ready to Become Luxury Certified?

Live passionately,
Coach “1-take” Ricky Kallabat

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