क्या 2021 में घर ख़रीदना भूल 😳 | Real Estate in 2021 with Expert Ruchir Sharma | Housing Market 2021

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00:00 Introduction of Real Estate in 2021
00:40 Housing market 2021
01:00 Property Price in 2021
02:00 property in 2021
03:30 Ruchir Sharma on Invest in 2021

The real estate market in India is one of the pallbearers of the economy, it is the second-highest employment generator in the country after agriculture. The sector is deeply interlinked to as many as 220 allied sectors. The sector accounts for nearly 6-7 per cent of the economy and is set to account for nearly 13 per cent by 2025 if all reform measures announced are executed well. The sector has been one of the biggest wealth creators in the past few decades.

After temporary shocks in light of structural reforms such as GST and RERA, the enhanced liquidity in the banking system and a restoration of buyer confidence were slowly trickling through in the real estate sector before COVID-19 hit Indian shores. Therefore, the pandemic-influenced slump is, at best, a short-term blip across all sectors of the economy. With the rollout of the vaccine and resumption of normalcy, the real estate market will certainly bounce back with renewed vigor.

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