Should You Buy Bitcoin OR Real Estate In 2021?

Buying Real Estate

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Should you buy bitcoin? Should you buy real estate? If you are looking to invest in 2021 then I am sure these questions have been brought up. I go over the pros and cons of both bitcoin and real estate and understanding which is a better investment. I use a case study of a recent investment I made on bitcoin and in real estate 6 months ago. With a similar amount used in both deals, you can see how I made the same profit but each asset had its own qualities. I was able to make a lot more money quicker with bitcoin, however it took bitcoin making huge price moves and reaching record highs. Whereas the real estate profits came a little slower but only needed a 10% move. The whole point of this bitcoin vs real estate is to see how profits are generated to see which makes sense with your financial goals and planning. I like both and own both, the key is balance and diversification, but once you know your goals and what you want, its easy to pick the best investment for 2021! Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have and questions and SEE YOU ON STREAM!

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