25 दिन में पैसा Double – Investment FOMO

25 दिन में पैसा Double – Is it possible? Investment FOMO or Fear of Missing out plays an important role in our investing decisions. Developing an investing mindset is very important for any stock market beginner and the first step to developing an investor mindset is to leave the emotions at the door and overcoming investment FOMO. Let’s learn how to overcome investment FOMO and developing a money mindset.
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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
02:27 – What is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out?
04:23 – Bitcoin Investment
04:38 – Gamestop & Reddit
05:04 – Dotcom Bust
05:22 – Subprime Crisis
05:55 – Harshad Mehta Scam
06:17 – Real Estate Scams in India
07:17 – Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme
07:26 – Sahara India Scam
10:01 – Step 1 to overcoming Investment FOMO
10:28 – Step 2
11:01 – Step 3
12:24 – Step 4
13:07 – Step 5
About the Video:
FOMO might sound like a millennial term but the Fear of Missing Out is actually real and so is investment FOMO or stock market FOMO. It is easy for any share market beginner to get swayed in the market sentiments, get emotional and act without strategic analysis. This is exactly what happened during the great depression, dotcom bubble, subprime crisis of 2008, etc. If we look in the Indian context, similar negligence happened during the Harshad Mehta scam that led to becoming the biggest stock market scam. Human sentiments are natural and cannot be done away with. However, they are often taken advantage of by the chit fund managers, ponzi scamsters and other real estate scamsters. So it is important for us to get a hold of our emotions and minimise their effects on our decision making, before taking any steps.
So in today’s video, lets talk in depth about investing FOMO and overcoming investing FOMO with the help of a 5 step approach that we have prepared for you. These 5 steps will keep your decisions in check, buy you more time to analyse each and every opportunity, cross-check your steps and finally make a sound decision.
In this video, we have explained:
1. What is Investment FOMO?
2. What is stock market FOMO?
3. What to do when you feel you are missing out on a stock?
4. How to save yourself from chit fund scams?
5. How to save yourself from real estate scams?
6. Steps on dealing with investment losses.
7. Steps on dealing with investment FOMO
8. What was the dotcom bust?
9. What happened in the Subprime crisis 2008?
10. How to develop investing mindset?
11. How to make a rational decision in stock market?
12. Steps on investing in stocks for beginners
13. Overcoming investment FOMO

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