How Much Does an Apartment Cost in Istanbul? | STRAIGHT TALK EP. 22

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Straight talk comes to you from Property Turkey’s Istanbul office. In this episode, Cameron Deggin and Alaattin Kilic talked about some of frequently asked questions.

(00:00) How much does an apartment cost in Istanbul? / Istanbul Areas

(07:00) Istanbul city planning

(09:20) Urban Regeneration in Istanbul’s Center

(10:20) What are some of the hidden costs in investment?

(14:00) What are some differences between Istanbul and seaside resort towns?

(17:00) Cost of Living in Istanbul

The program aims to cover all the controversial topics in the Turkish real estate market and debunk urban legends. But that’s not what we only do. At Straight talk, you’ll find lots of useful information about Turkish real estate market. Stay tuned for more.

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