Mortgage Rates SURGE. 2022 Home Price Declines COMING SOON (in these Cities)?

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Mortgage Rates are SURGING at a record pace. This puts the 2022 Housing Market in the crosshairs of a BIG PRICE CRASH.

The 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate jumped to 3.5% last week. That was up from 3.2% in late December. And 2.9% in August. That means home buyers and real estate investors across America are getting squeezed on their ability to buy homes and investment properties in the 2022 Housing Market.

2022 Housing Market Predictions:

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These rising rates are a BIG PROBLEM for certain cities across the country – particularly ones where home affordability is already stretched thin. Particularly in:

Austin, TX: the typical mortgage payment is now up to 46% of worker wages across the Austin Housing Market. This is creating a big drag on affordability, and means further increases in mortgage rates could crash home prices.

Seattle, WA: mortgage payments now account for 49% of worker wages, nearly the highs of the 2007 Housing Bubble in Seattle. Home Prices after that Bubble crashed by 35%. Could Seattle’s Real Estate Market face another similar decline?

Los Angeles: the LA Housing Market is expensive. Very expensive. Mortgage Payments now account for over 60% of the typical worker’s annual earnings. Los Angeles’ Housing Market had a big decline in the last crash. Is another one coming?

Denver: the relative cost of a mortgage in Denver’s Real Estate Market is now higher than it was in 2007. That’s a big warning sign that could lead to a Housing Crash for Denver Homebuyers in the near future.

Meanwhile, markets like Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Birmingham are better equipped to handle rising rates. The mortgage payment to earnings ratio in these metros is around 20%, providing more cushion to absorb rate increases in the future.


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0:00 Buckle Up! US Housing Market on the EDGE
1:40 Huge Surge in Mortgage Rates Last 2 Weeks
3:17 Cities Most AT RISK of a CRASH (Austin, Seattle)
5:02 Blue Cities at in Better Shape (Pittsburgh, Chicago)
6:18 Rapid Fire Round (2 Minutes / 10 Cities)
7:31 Phoenix v. Pittsburgh
8:20 Denver v. Washington DC
9:08 Seattle v. Columbus
9:51 San Jose v. New York
11:02 Rising Rates = Lower Payments in Long Run?
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