Why Self Storage Investments Beat Most Other Real Estate

Self storage investments can be thought of as the misperceived, often forgotten younger sibling of commercial real estate investing. I mean, what’s so interesting about them? Some sheet metal, some rivets, and a floor, how could that be enticing to an investor?

If you look a little deeper, you can see that self storage investing is one of the most profitable value-add opportunities in the entirety of not only commercial real estate but real estate as a whole. Paul Moore was under this same misconception when he first switched from apartment investing to investing in self storage facilities.

Now, Paul knows exactly why this slept-on asset class is one of the most profitable forms of real estate in existence. If you’ve been itching to get your foot in the door to commercial real estate investing, grab Paul’s latest book from BiggerPockets, “Storing Up Profits”!

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The Power of a Dollar in Value-Add Self Storage Investing:

The Power of a Dollar in Value-Add Self-Storage Investing

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A Pandemic Space Race: Self Storage Roars Back:

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